Windows 7 Beta

January 14, 2009

I’ve just installed Windows 7 Beta 64bit on my PC, in a separate partition, as I’m not that stupid to over write my existing windows installation. As I tend to be an early adopter of almost anything new, subject to having the money, I thought I would give Windows 7 a test run.

The idea being that I could check out what would and wouldn’t run (eg. Warhammer), so that when it finally has a retail release, I could decide to buy with confidence that all the programs and hardware I use will work. Unlike Vista which for the first few months was a pain in the arse, although now I think it’s pretty good if a bit bloated.

Well the good news is that Warhammer On-line works just fine, not quite straight out of the box but almost. After initial installation it proceeded to update with no problems, the only problem occurred when I came to play for the first time, as it failed to run, with an error message missing a dll “d3dx9_34.dll”. This was simply resolved by a quick update of DirectX, and hey presto! I was up and running. So far everything is running smooth, and better than under Vista. I will post again if I start to get problems.

The one thing I would say, if you feel like giving the beta a go is don’t install Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it will give you no end of grief. It’s Anti-Haker module (it’s name for a firewall) keeps on poping up requests for permissions that unless you really know your processes and services from your elbow will confuse. Worse still even in training mode it blocked the installation of Windows Live Essentials. Chose one of the other 2 Windows 7 approved anti-virus, although I beleive most Vista anti-virus programs will run.


Honest, I’m not an EMO

January 13, 2009

I’ve just re-read my first two proper posts, and it looks like all I’m about is moaning, so I will try to be more positive and constructive with my next posts.

Pick on the Squig Herder

January 13, 2009

It may just be me, or do other Squig Herder’s out there find that it always pick on the squig herder day. It always seems that the Order players go straight for my squig herder, run past the tanks, and frag my butt.

Once they are on me, the is sod all I can do, but die. Were just not built for melee, and trying to run away is impossible, just slightly delays the inevitable. OK I have a knock back (and a few other so called abilities, but they rarely seem to have an effect), but that’s assuming I’ve built the morale to use it, and most times the attacker just runs back at me, and as were still under powered in the rDP, it’s difficult to kill the bugger before he gets back.

My Squig is of no use either, as people unlike npc’s will ignore it, that’s if it’s actually there, as most times it will have buggered off some where else, and by the time it gets back to me, it’s to late.

It’s not too bad in close quarter spaces (in keeps etc.), when the tanks can hold a line, but most SC’s are too open for that.

Oh well, that’s the end of my little rant, brought about by a couple of bad day’s in SC’s, I imagine this time next week, I’ll be going on about how good Squig Herders are in SC’s and RvR.

Population Increase

January 8, 2009

I’ve noticed over the last week or so that the has been an increase of players on-line, certainly in tier 3, which has made RvR and PQ’s possible again (before by 10pm the was very few about).
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My First Ever

January 7, 2009

Well I’ve decided to dip my toe into the proverbial blogging water, and this is my very first post on my very first blog.

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